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Who doesn’t love YouTube, I can’t even imagine my life without it and I also have been thinking about starting my own channel when I’m ready but for now I really want to share my top 5 favourite people on YouTube with you lovely people. Maybe you have never ever heard of them, but that’s not a big deal because life is all about discovering new things!  

1. Patricia Bright.
I recently discovered this lovely beauty channel. Patricia is all about make up but she has a smooth touch of style too! I really fell in love with her amazing personality and her vlogs are always so funny so is her husband Mike. Her shopping hauls are to die for and so are her looks. She also makes really inspiring videos. 
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2. Lauren Curtis.
Lauren was one of my first YouTube channels I subscribed to. She started with the name Lauren Beauty on YouTube but she has changed it to Lauren Cutis. This girl is internally beautiful but so is her personality and she even makes me laugh during her Make up tutorials.  Lauren lives in Australia and she has such a marvellous channel and style, check it out!
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3. Superwomen.
Don’t think that all I do is watch beauty videos on YouTube because hell no I don’t. I am also that kind of person that searches ‘’scary Halloween pranks ‘’ or ‘’Funny cat moments’’ on YouTube. Or someone who begins with watching tutorials and end up on channels where people do the most stupid challenges of all time. However Superwoman is such a funny channel. If you want to have a good laugh you should try it! And it’s also really relatable. 
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4. Kingsley
I may call him the king of YouTube because oh lord, how funny is he! Not to mention how original his videos are. Kingsley is the type of  YouTuber I want to see doing YouTube for ever. I love his video’s they are funny, relatable and sometimes even serious. I have nothing else to say besides, WATCH IT.  
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5. Carli Bybel
Carly is a really beautiful YouTuber who’s make up is always on point. She has such a great style and I am so jealous of her beautiful eyebrows. She always has clear make up tutorials and they are not really difficult to try. You should check it out.
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Talked a lot about my YouTube favourites, how about yours?
Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Leuk om te zien welke Youtubers je graag volgt! Ik kende alleen Lauren Curtis uit dit lijstje!


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