Brown make-up review

If there’s one thing I love then it’s brown make up. When you have a dark skin tone, brown make up works mostly as  nude make up for you. And I have the luck that brown eye shadows, lipsticks and liners come in all shades of brown. So that’s  why I am making a special post about some items I have in a brown shade  and share them with you. I will also tell you a little about them.

Catrice  Ultimate shine Lipstick 060 Teddy brown (3,99,- )
I have been using this lipstick for one time now and I can tell you it’s the perfect nude lipstick for me. It doesn’t appear  as a brown lipstick at first and it looks a little pink, but it still perfectly matches with my skin tone. The lipstick is really smooth and creamy and it doesn’t make my lips dry after a few hours. And that’s  quit important for me because my lips get try very easily especially when I use lip products.

Catrice Longlasting lip pencil 019 Walnut Groove (1,99,-)
If there’s something every person should have well than it’s a lip pencil. I can’t even remember a  time that  I didn’t use lip pencils. Lip liner is a must have for everyone who loves to use lip products and you can not only use lip liner to line your lips but also to fully  colour them with  it. Walnut Groove is a liner that looks perfect with my Teddy brown Catrice lipstick.  I always use them together because that has given me the best results so far. I always line my lips with a brown lip liner even when the lipstick is a totally different shade . If you fade it a little, it will make every type of lipstick go with your dark skin, that’s a trick I learned a long time ago. But the lip liner has to have the colour of your own skin at least a little to make it work. Walnut Groove is the perfect, most creamy and long lasting lip liner for me. It took  a lot of soap and water to wash it off my arm I can tell you that.

Catrice long lasting lip pencil and Catrice Ultimate shine lipstick with and without flash swathces:

Essence eyeshadow 06 metropolitan (2,59,- ) &  Essence 3D eyeshadow  04 irresistible caramel cream ( 2,89,- )
Let me first say that the Essence 3D eyeshadow is the best series of eyeshadows essence ever made. The pigment is amazing and it has a little to no fall out. Whenever I feel like not putting on to much make up but I still want to make my eyes pop a little I use it because it’s just simply amazing.  I used to have the purple one to but that little one fell on the ground and broke into peaces. Sad but true story. The essence metropolitan eyeshadow was a birthday present and a good one. It’s perfect when you don’t want to use any mascara or eyeliner but still feel like  putting something on your eyes.  This eyeshadow always made my eyes speak.  I could go full coverage but without any other eye make-up besides this one and It would still look amazing  me.


Etos max volume 24H mascara Brown (5,99,- )
Etos is a dutch drugstore so I don’t think you could get this mascara in the store if you don’t live in The Netherlands. Maybe ordering online  is an option if they ship to your country.  I can say that this mascara has such a fine texture and the brush has a great size for my eyelashes. I have black eyelashes so using a brown mascara really makes a difference for me besides that my lashes kind of disappear because of my brown skin. But this mascara still gives my lashes a sort of black/brown colour what makes it kind of interesting. Also the volume  my lashes get from this brush is great and I also have the black version of this mascara because of how great it is. But I don’t think that this mascara is something for you if you really want to see the brown colour on your lashes, because it’s a bit too dark for that.

I hope you enjoyed my article about brown make-up. It's amazing to use it for nude looks but also for party looks. Maybe if you guys are interested I could do a 'how to' on some eye looks I use. Have a nice day!



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