Welcome to my blog

Hello, first of all welcome to my blog. My name is Jennifer and I am 17 years old, I live in Holland and I started this blog because I actually like to share my passions, ideas, love and interests. Also I am in senior year and I am still thinking about what I'm going to do with my life. This blog hopefully will help finding myself and maybe discover new interests.

What can i expect from this blog?
I tried to make a good banner but blogger.com is giving up on me I guess. However you can mostly expect articles about lifestyle, so what i do in my free time and what my interests are. Food, I currently started with cooking and I'd like to share my recipes on here. Also my love for make-up is going to be a huge part of this blog and not to forget a bit of fashion, because clothes are also my addiction

What thinks do you like?
I like doing thinks with my friends, going to movies ( I really love sci-fi movies). I also am a huge one direction fan and spend a part of my time in the week on twitter ( yes I'm one of those). So you might see some one direction related stuff on here. Not to forget that I love watching YouTube make up tutorials, vlogs and everything about make up. Most of the time I push my friends in a corner and make them let me do their make-up. Also drawing is something I have been doing since I was little and maybe I'll post some art on here too.

Why this the Z in your blog name?
Blogger would not let me use my own name and it's more a different spelling of Jennifer's. Like in Jennifer'Z blog. I liked the Z and the different (wrong) spelling.

So hopefully this answered some of your questions.
And again welcome to my blog and as you know I'm not from an English speaking country so feel free to correct me on grammatical things

All the love.


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